You Can Leverage The Most Suited Messaging Apps To Increase Your Sales As amoCRM Experts Confirm

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amoCRM is a great supporter of the full automation of the marketing processes that are almost as necessary as the product itself for an organization. 

Now, while there are many who would argue this fact, the founder of amoCRM has unique points on this matter.

These points have been supported by the biggest fishes in the ocean of marketing. 

The thing is that with the observation and implementation of the unique principles that amoCRM works on, there is a complete success picture of the marketing field. 


“On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%.” 

– as said by a Harvard Business Report


The company, amoCRM, was founded on the principles of bringing efficiency in various organizations across the world and further the importance of CRM. 




At present, the company is centered in San Francisco and since 2011, it has supported over 50,000+ small and big organizations, which is quite a huge number.

The statistics say it all, CRM is indeed a successful automation system.


The Idea Behind amoCRM and The Concept Of Conversational Selling:


The company amoCRM was founded on the basis of the introduction of technology in the field of marketing and increase the sales of any company

With slight irregularities, any company can stumble to the hurdles that the ups and downs of the market throws.

But, with the usage of CRM and current world marketing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, any organization can overcome these hurdles. 

amoCRM is a strong supporter of the usage of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook in order to increase the sales of the company.

Thus, it can be said that these instruments can be vital in the process of marketing. 

If we talk about Facebook and its product Instagram, the 2 have had quite a great deal of success ever since the launch of the ‘Shop’ section. 

So, for now, we can say that there are chances of great development in that field too.

Also, there will be a time when most of the selling will be done on the basis of these apps which can gather the attention of people in humongous amounts. 


The country of Russia and the CIS regions has many companies that have utilized this concept of CRM introduced and furthered by amoCRM. 

Each month, around 2000 customers join amoCRM and become a part of their family and this is why it has proved to be quite the best in implementing this concept of marketing automation. 

The automation of the entire process of marketing also involves the relationship, feedback, and also, the message and the story of the product. 

These things have to be smooth or else, the entire marketing structure is deemed to fail. With tactics like these, amoCRM has gathered quite the support that it needs. 



Features That amoCTM Offers With Services :


  • Privacy Is Foremost In The Principles of amoCRM:


When it comes to privacy, the utmost importance should be given by any organization to this feature.


“Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds”

– John Perry Barlow, cyberlibertarian, political activist, and founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation


The main point of amoCRM is that it respects the privacy of its customer organizations.

It is a fact that many companies have suffered due to the lack of significant privacy knowledge. amoCRM knows this fact.

Hence, during the automation process, it doesn’t display any kind of statistics or information that isn’t needed by the customer, ie, the sale stats or the overall customer stats.

One of the most important reasons behind companies not seeking the help of CRM providers is the lack of privacy. 

Hence, when it comes to amoCRM, it only asks its customers the most general information like the number of employees and the size of the organization, the experience of the company with other CRM providers, and the industry that the organization deals in.

Thus, in general, the conversational selling scheme of the company may or may not be influenced by the presence of amoCRM.

At the end of the day, the company’s decision prevails.


  • amoCRM Recognizing The Idea Behind Conversational Selling :


amoCRM recognizes the way many messaging apps are becoming a  part of a human’s life. There are many apps like WhatsApp and Facebook with billions of users on a daily basis.

These apps have become significantly successful and hence, we can say that there is a huge scope in selling or marketing items with the usage of these apps. 

Also, the demand for various other products that can be integrated with softwares is also increasing and hence, organizations like Zapier have become quite prevalent in today’s world. 

So, with the passage of time, the demand for services that can help organizations switch to these tactics is increasing and this is where amoCRM has brought significant changes.

While there have been incidents of companies extending their product’s functionalities in order to increase their reach instead of launching new products, companies like amoCRM have helped many organizations do this.

So, the experts at amoCRM have declared that the future of marketing and the customer-company conversation will take place on various messaging apps and this is pretty visible from the inclusion of the ‘Shop’ section in Facebook and Instagram.


  • The Right Kind Of Balance Between Chatbot Technology and Real Individual Conversations:


amoCRM believes that there should be a kind of balance when the conversation with a customer is implemented. 

The thing is that AI cannot be programmed to behave like a human in all and every way. Hence, when conversational messaging is taken into account, chatbots can work but, to a certain extent. 

So, when the customer asks questions that the chatbot can’t comprehend, immediately the responsible marketing manager can be alerted so as to take the conversation uphill.

Thereafter, there can also be an option whether to switch to live support and ask various doubts or continue with the chatbot support

These features have been implemented in conversational selling and hence, it can be said that such features are quite effective too. 



Hence, the right kind of balance between various parts of the marketing team is very important and should involve technology along with the human workforce.


So, It Boils Down To This :


No doubt that the technology of CRM is very efficient and hence, it can be used in various fields too. 

While the new concept of CRM revolves around a single software binding the entire day-to-day works of an organization into a single unit, it has been found that there will be a time when the entire world is used to the concept of CRM.

CRM promotes growth with the help of technologies and there is a surety that when the sun shines, it shines brightest on those aided by technology.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many poor lives have been lost and also, many companies and businesses have found themselves in the fires of bankruptcy. 

So, with the help of companies like amoCRM, it can be said that the future of the entire world revolves around the features provided by companies like amoCRM.

For more reliable information and to consult our experts, you can JOIN US, and together we can achieve what we are destined to.


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