The New Journey Towards Conversational Messaging With Kustomer’s Acquisition By Facebook

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How a customer is satisfied depends entirely on the organization. Customer satisfaction is one of the greatest achievements of an organization. 

While it is not easy to please a customer it is certainly not too difficult if proper contact is made. 

With the failure of AI-based applications called chatbox in the year 2015-2016, new technology was developed called conversational messaging.  

Every customer knows his way around the digital world. 

When a customer is investing in the product of an organization, he or she wants the best returns. In order to do so, they want to engage as well as test and develop comfort with the organization and the product. In short, they want the organization to earn their trust.  

This is where conversational messaging gets into the picture. 


Conversational messaging applications are quite different than the bogus and quite simple text-based messages. 

They are designed in such a manner that the lack of trust between the customers and the organization is reduced and smooth relation is developed.

How Kustomer CRM Get’s Into The Picture?


Management of customers can be quite difficult and this is where Kustomer comes into the picture. 

Kustomer is a CRM platform provider that is built to manage customers in large volumes. Through the presence of omnichannels, Kustomer has proved to be one of the fastest growing customer service based CRM platform providers. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the platform or the strategy or the process that helps a business to organize its day-to-day management in a better way. 

This means that on a daily basis the organization can easily reach out to each and every customer feedback and his or her details in an efficient manner. Kustomer changed the game altogether with the ease of experience and integration accross various channels.

Imagine, that you complained about your recent order, through the chatbot feature in the merchant website. Also you raised a ticket about the same. Kustomer CRM would show the customer support executive the cross channel messages and essentially allow to merge all information into one single ticket. This reduces friction and essentially a single person can have full knowledge about the case from one unified view. Certainly going to impact customer satisfaction too, right?

A CRM software is quite important for any organization so as to develop a network that can establish a good connection between marketing sales customer service and organize everything in such a manner that there is no redundancy. 

This removes the lack of incompetency from the system of the organization. 

As suggested by the statistics, by 2025 the growth of CRM will reach about 80 billion dollars in terms of revenue. 

The best part about CRM is that it is accessible; by the company by its employees and by its customers. 

The customer data is actually present in real-time that is, it is available in the time of need itself.  As of 2020, it was seen that the use of CRM has seen an increase in smartphones. Results have shown that CRM  improves the productivity of any organization by 50 percent. 

Facebook’s Acquisition of Kustomer :


With the help of companies like Kustomer, a Nucleus Project study shows that out of the organizations that use this technology 65% have reached their sales target. 

Kustomer specializes in providing services to other organizations related to chatbots and other customer management tools. 

Kustomer claims, 

“Our chatbots enable end-to-end resolution across chat, social, and messaging applications to handle repetitive conversations and help customers view and their update information.” 

The acquisition of Kustomer was worth around 1 billion dollars. 

Since 2015, Kustomer under the leadership of Brad Birnbaum and many others has created a revolution in the concept of Customer Management. Kustomer understood what customer satisfaction actually is. The founder of the organization understood what customers need and how they want a seamless and perfect way to convey their issues.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform that is currently functioning in the world.  The timing of the acquisition for Facebook could not have been any better.  

This is because Facebook has recently launched its Shop section on Instagram as well as the Facebook app.

While both, Instagram and Facebook, are acquired by the same company, Kustomer’s acquisition indeed looks like a long-sighted behaviour.

Facebook and Instagram have a chatting system through which two people can interact.  After the introduction of the Shop section, people listing the products in the shop section were unable to interact efficiently with the customers. This is where the acquisition of Kustomer will prove beneficial for Facebook.

What The Future Holds For Facebook And Kustomer?


Kustomer states,

“Once the acquisition closes, we look forward to working closely with Facebook, where we will continue to serve our customers and work with our partners as part of the Facebook family. With our complementary capabilities, we will be able to help more people benefit from customer service that is faster, richer, and available whenever and however they need it–via phone, email, text, web chat, or messaging.”

Kustomer announced on October 19, 2020, that its features will be integrated into the Instagram messaging feature. 

The importance of providing service at the speed of light


Kustomer has integrated its CRM with some of the major messaging gateways viz WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few. On the other hand its also well connected to ecommerce platforms like Shopify. 

Kustomer CRM aims at solving one of the key problems – that is to provide customer support at high speed through channels which every person uses. 

Lets be honest.

Nobody likes to log user tickets and wait for long, if they could get the instant reply in whatsapp.

When Kustomer gets connected to Facebook, you can experience customer experience to be also at the speed of light. So for facebook shop owners this certainly means more reasons to move towards social selling. 

This means there will be new additions to the platform which will bring ease between customers and sellers who are taking advantage of the Instagram shop section. 

Kustomer is the first in the world to bring Customer Management integrated with the help of omnichannel services

We can see how lucrative this will be for customers as well as the brands. This is because Kustomer has built a CRM platform that works on a highly personalized conversation experience between customers and brands on a large scale.  

Hence we can predict that in the near future the way we see marketing and client management will be entirely changed. 

Facebook is the first company to include CRM in social media marketing and there will be many who will follow. This means that conversational marketing that started with AI-controlled chatbots, which failed miserably, will take a new course.

“In the past, our agents had to respond to customer DMs, stories, or tags directly within the Instagram app, which wasn’t scalable and didn’t allow us to track KPIs,” said Amaro’s Wellington José. 

He also states, “Now that the Kustomer customer experience CRM platform is integrated with Instagram Messenger, we can efficiently manage that channel in the same seamless way Kustomer allows us to manage our other channels.”

So, looking into the deeper well, it can obviously be said that this was a revolutionary effort by everyone at Facebook. 

One can only imagine where will this decision lead to for there is more than the tech giants haven’t told us. 

Through MarketerNeeds Lens

While it is quite the genius of Facebook to include Kustomer’s CRM into Instagram and Facebook messaging platform, it is quite clear that retailers will take their business to Instagram or Facebook. 

This is all because Facebook will provide a much better platform for direct-to-customer businesses like Amaro which rely solely on the loyalty of clients. Earlier it was not possible to gain this kind of traction and user interaction on a large scale so easily.  But now with the inclusion of such a Customer Management System, it is quite clear that many deals will be made in the future which will change the entire outlook of the marketing industry.

Social media marketing is now the biggest fish in the box and hence, it is quite clear that conversational messaging has now come a long way since the AI-powered chatbox. 

We at MarketerNeeds believe that conversational selling is going to be the future of marketing automation. For all small businesses, the future is all about making the digital experience as real as possible. With more and more people engaging in online conversations, businesses have to strive hard to reach the messenger box of the consumers. In other words, it all depends on reaching your potential customer through Facebook, Whatsapp at proper intervals.

 Its all about how much engagement you are bringing in. A known statistics says that you need to appear before your customer at least 7 times, to affect your consumer’s buying behaviour at a subconscious level.

In this fast paced cut-throat, flamboyant, exaggerated world we would like to be one friend who wishes to grow with you in the value-ful path. MarketerNeeds can stay with you on the move and feed you content direct to your phone once a week. If you feel like B2B, SaaS and Marketing Automation sphere are the gamechangers for 2021, we wanna be friends!

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