Let Us Understand The Functioning Of Some SaaS Startups In India In 2020.

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India has been growing in ways that had never been imagined.

There are many economical developments that keep taking place in the country and in this article, we will be talking about a few of the top startups in India which had a great impact on the country.


“India will grow to be a $10B revenue industry by 2025 (8% of Global SMB SaaS)”, as reported by Google Accel Report, 2016. 


If we look at the history of the number of startups in India between the years 2010-2019, it comes down to 7864.

This is a very high number and it is thus clear that India is on a path of great development. 

Few of the biggest Software-as-a-Service startups include companies like KissFLOW, Troop Messenger, Zoho, etc.

These companies have shown great promise and hence, form an integral part of the Indian startup story. 


“Ultimately, we do not want to grow too fast. Our philosophy is to focus on making our existing customers happy. We do not aggressively pursue new prospects. Also, we always prioritize the features requested by our existing customers over new prospects.” 

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications


With the application of such principles in the Indian SaaS scenario, and inspired by the success of companies like Zoom, many startups in India have also, adopted a progressive module for their growth. 

According to the Google-Accel Report, India has gained the resources and the structure that is necessary for SaaS development and also has the highest amount of talent for Inbound Sales. 

Along with these things, the Indian workforce is always ready to improve and develop with the environment, and hence, there is always a fresh product with new and automated features showing up in the market.


Discussion- A Few Startups :


Taking into account some of the biggest SaaS startups in India, let’s take a brief look into each one of them.


  • Freshworks:


Freshworks is a SaaS customer engagement company and offers many types of instruments for other organizations. 

These instruments are very useful and quite important as they reduce the stress of the entire organization. Here are some of the tools that this organization provides:

Freshdesk, Freshteam, Freshworks, Freshping, Fresh Release, and many more. 



The thing that made Freshworks a success include: 


  • Those customers who are tight on budget, always consider this organization as they make the competitors look expensive and customers who look value for money seek Freshworks.

  • Providing free of cost and uninterrupted customer support also has provided this organization with a great market image. 

  • The organization only hires those who are ready to give it their all and have great core strength.


All these beneficial instruments have led to this organization is quite effective at providing CRM Software, Online Backup Software, Video Conferencing Software, Business Intelligence Platforms, and many more SaaS services. 


  • Troop Messenger :


A game-changer idea, it is an alternative to a world that has the presence of Skype and Slack.

This is a great SaaS product and is quite innovative. 



The products came under the development of Tvisha Systems and were launched by the well-known Techtimes Journal.

This application has so many uses that are just overwhelming and include the following :


  • Screen Sharing, which has become necessary after the introduction of the WFH or Work From Home environment of working. This has helped this chat application reach many offices.

  • This also has quite an advanced filter which works without failure and has the ability to differentiate between file, video, image, messages, etc.

  • Of course, the support system of the company is very important in the said consideration, and this organization has a 24/7 support system.

  • Instant chatting, audio-video calls, confidential chats, all are possible.


Troop Messenger was the best and most used chat application for official purposes in the year 2018 and since then, the product has seen great features and fans as well. 


  • Time Dynamo :


One of the best and most accurate biometric attendance product that is used in numerous offices and organizations around the world has quite a reputation. 



NASSCOM had shortlisted this product as one of the most innovative and useful tools in the market. This tool is very useful and provides numerous advantages like :


  • Tracking attendance, and GPS and also, providing an automated backup of all the data in case of any erroneous events. 

  • Fingerprint scanning is also integrated into the platform and this feature of the product is compatible with almost all the existing biometric devices. 

  • Also, face recognition is also included in the platform and this is also supported with many platforms. Hence, this makes the tool quite accurate and easy to use to record attendance. 


In the end, this product is very efficient and hence, it helps the employers to keep track of the time duration of their employees. 


  • KissFLOW: 


This was one of the 2018’s Top Rated Rapid Application Development/Low-Code Software by TrustRadius and has great companies as its customers like Disney, Casio, Airbus, Pepsi, etc.



The founder of this startup is the very well-known hero of the Indian SaaS sector, Suresh Samnbandam.

The startup has shown great progress in the 5 years of its journey and provides beneficial features like :


  • The product requires nil coding and also, has quite an easy to use drag-and-drop interface which is greatly matched by the real-time analytics of this product.

  • Also, it becomes very easy for the users to take control of the entire process and see if things their way. It also provides features likes Ticketing, helpdesk, etc.

  • Another beneficial fact about this organization is the presence of the DSM approach and hence, it doesn’t require expensive consultation like other competing companies. 


The services of KissFLOW are currently in around 121 countries and has won the 2018-2019 Cloud Award for Best Payment, Finance, or Billing Solution. 


The Deal Is That:


We have told you about a few of the biggest names of startups in the field of SaaS which have made great progress in just a few years.

The road to the success of these organizations must be read by all those who are thinking of startups.

While it has not been enough time since these companies have initiated, they surely have grown a lot in these past years.

With the inclusion of many more startups each year, the industry will contribute multi-billion dollars and it can be estimated from the current growth.


We have tried to show you the current structure of the SaaS startups and how they became successful. So, in the case of any doubt, or any related query, you can easily come to us. We at Marketerneeds.com, have great techniques and advice for all and any person who is interested or stuck in this field.

JOIN US and we ensure you that this year, new marketing methods and new resources will get you the pace and traction you deserve. With us pointing you in the right direction, you will surely reach success but, patience is the key.

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