How Chat-Based Sales Made The Transition of Small Businesses To WFH Possible?

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Covid-19 has changed this world as we know it. Chat-based selling has become the future.

After the introduction of worldwide lockdown, big multinational companies have declared WFH or Work From Home for the foreseeable future and now, chat-based selling is the new method of selling.

As for small businesses, those who mostly relied on a conversation between the owner and the customer, have suffered initially.

But, this is where messaging has shown the real benefit of socializing. Messaging is not just related to friends and families anymore but, has gone way beyond that.


How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.” – Tiffani Bova


When working from home, messaging with potential buyers, and promoting businesses, this is all done by messaging.

In these struggling times, it has been very hard, economically, and emotionally, for the whole world. Any kind of relief is a blessing.

It is quite visible by the statistics. Facebook has reported that this year alone, the Instagram direct messaging system has gathered 50% more usage and this is simply amazing. 



  • Considering Facebook Messenger, on daily basis, it has around 1.3 billion users active daily and by 2021, it is projected to increase to 2.4 billion users.

It is quite a huge number for Facebook alone. With the amount of transacted messages increasing day by day, let’s examine the situation. 

  • It is now very easy to order a pizza from Dominos via chat-only. Not many efforts are needed to get your favorite pizza now, the chat options are simply amazing.

Domino’s Pizza is one of those businesses that relied on customer conservation but, with the release of the chat-bot, it was easier to deal with customers in the Covid-19 situation.

  • Using LinkedIn’s InMail, B2B companies have found it easier to close their dealings.

Let us have a look in detail at how such platforms have smoothened the transition of small business to WFH or Work From Home.


Chat-based selling

Ways How Chat-Based Selling Changed The Game :


  • Need Of Building A Website Sidetracked By Chat-Based Selling :


For about any small business, about 40% of them have found it difficult to transition during the global pandemic crisis. Without the use of websites, small businesses have found it difficult to switch to online mode.

This is where comes additional costs, a business looking to build a website has to first find a developer and then, a freelancer.

This is where the condition worsens because the process becomes hectic overall.

If we consider a social media page, it is very easy to build one. Only the inclusion of certain engaging posts with great visuals describing the important aspects of a small business is enough.

Along with this, it is very easy to reach out to customers directly in the direct messaging feature of social media platforms. This is where the situation changes. It has become very easy for businesses to sell their products.

There is also the shop section of Instagram and Facebook which is quite great.

It is imperative that any business importance these digital platforms and hence, gather engagement by the usage of necessary tactics.


  • A Whole New World Of Communication Opens :


If one considers the USA, 14% of the people have said that chatbots and other chat-based businesses have become their favorite means of transactions.

This is because it is way easier to contact businesses for customer needs on social media platforms than on websites.

With billions of users being active each day on such platforms, it is very easy for people to initiate transactions. 

Business platforms like Apple and Facebook have seen a surge in their chat-based transactions and hence, it can be said that this feature actually suits the needs of businesses and clients as well.


  • A Cohesive Platform Is What Chat-Based Selling Provides:


It becomes frustrating for the customers wherein during the transaction, the seller asks the client to switch the channel. This is tiresome and interrupts the flow of the user. 


This is where the concept of the cohesive platform comes in. This is because the problem is easily rectified in this case by simplifying the process and not asking the user to switch channels.


Switching channels means that the user doens’t have to visit a website or change their conversing platform or install an app, interrupting their flow. This has a great impact on many users because they want things immediately and convenience is the key.


  • More Can Be Done With Just A Few Resources:


With few resources, many things can be done in chat-based selling.

This is because there are chances that resources won’t be available to small businesses and then, the whole party comes to a stop.

But, there are times when the customers need a personal touch, and this is where such platforms can be of great value.

Thus, it is imperative that any and all small businesses should implement chat-based selling.

The thing is that with Covid-19 destroying the world as we know it, it’s easier to provide customers what they need without disturbing their comfort

Those businesses that not have huge capital or vast resources can start by chat-based sales and thereafter, implement their business on a greater scale when the resources have been developed. 


Experts At Marketerneeds Say :


It is imperative for businesses to be flexible. They should be able to recognize opportunities and involve the necessary changes that can make the business relevant in such hard times. 

Chat-based selling


The thing is that it is not easy for any business to thrive under these harsh circumstances, and it is certainly not feasible to return to the previous mode of sales.

Hence, looking for new ways is always an option. Chat-based selling seems to be the most viable option for businesses with low resources. 

With the world changing since the onset of the Covid-19 situation, technology has helped small businesses thrive and regain their structure.

This is how we can say that indeed messaging has changed the way businesses function now and made their transfer to Work From Home mode easier.


We, at have carefully lined out the advantage that chat-based selling can provide to your business. It is imperative that you understand the gravity of this whole architecture and thereafter, implement the entire idea with great sincerity. In case of any loss or any depravity, you should not lose faith. 

JOIN US in order to get more marketing ideas for your products and ensure that you stay relevant in such harsh times and make it big. With out help and your idea, surely we can change the coming year 2021 into a blast.


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