How CLOUDX, a SaaS Business, Improves Customer Success Using Salesforce

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So you have an awesome SaaS product, and a revenue model which looks great as well.

But are you really getting the growth in sales?

Are your existing customers leaving you some great feedback, while at the same time you are acquiring new customers as well?

Have you been spending too much on marketing but your ROI looks gloomy?

If the above questions somewhat ring a bell or two, then this blog post might be helpful for you.

If not, then you can always comment on my writing skills. 🙂

Having worked with numerous businesses so far, I have narrowed down my observations to the following key pointers:

  • Customer Success Is The Key. Never Underestimate the CRM:

Consider this, a cloud service provider CLOUDX has built a remarkable SaaS product which provides video storage and creation solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The product comes at an attractive price tag and is power packed with features which the vloggers, content creators and digital marketers would definitely fall for.

CLOUDX have launched their product and have started seeing some traction from their initial marketing efforts already.

Now, Joe, one of their early customers has started facing a problem with his credentials and is not able to use the video conversion feature of CLOUDX.

Since Joe is a vlogger, he is not ready to waste much time and wants a quick solution for his problem.

<iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”480″ frameBorder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=””>via GIPHY</a></p>

So what does Joe do?

In an ideal situation, he shall be emailing the support team of CLOUDX and wait for their response.

Now, from hereon, there could be 3 things :

  1. CLOUDX emails back immediately with the solution to Joe.
  2. CLOUDX gives a support ticket number to Joe and asks him to wait for resolution
  3. CLOUDX doesn’t have a well built support system, and hence replies back to Joe’s email after some considerable amount of time.

Sadly enough, CLOUDX took route 3. 

Having overused their budget on different other areas of their product journey, their support system wasn’t given the smartest modelling.

What happened next was Joe hopping on to another competitor’s solution, and leaving back a negative review about CLOUDX in his social media channels, which had quite a lot of followers!

Let’s assume that the same thing happened with more than 25 people like Joe, on the same day! (say the feature was a minor product bug that somehow went unnoticed!)

What follows next is a more speculative and hesitant group of leads, who prefer sitting on the fence than converting into customers, thus reducing sales for CLOUDX and in turn affecting their ROI.

<iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”276″ frameBorder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=””>via GIPHY</a></p>

Now, let’s wait and think for a moment.

Had CLOUDX taken route 1 or 2, the whole experience with Joe and several others would have been way better.

But how?

The answer lies in the CRM and lets see how it all connects back to CUSTOMER SUCCESS.

To get a better understanding of the same, we need to go back a couple of steps and assume that CLOUDX had approached AdvanceB2B right after their product launch. 🙂

  • Inside GrowGlobal’s Customer Success Program for CLOUDX using Salesforce

If you have been reading the post, you already know that CLOUDX has a solid SaaS product that deals with video creation and hosting solutions.

What was missing for them was a smart CRM!

Keep reading to go deeper into the case study.

Here’s how we at AdvanceB2B Helped In Finding The Missing Piece Of the Puzzle:

Step 1 : Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud

The first stepping stone was to implement Salesforce Service Cloud for CLOUDX. The whole array of features that came with it included cases, omni channel support, whatsapp messaging, automation with macros and the lightning service console, to name a few.

This also comes with configurations at profile level and also configuring things as per CLOUDX business scenarios.

Step 2: A Chatbot Integration To Comprehend Joe

CLOUDX unfortunately was using a chatbot solution which was not feeding in data for better insights. So we added a mix of Salesforce Omni Channel integration to their website. This solution ensures  that people like Joe could either get online support, or some suggested workarounds ( supercharging with AI based solutions) by clicking on the chat icon right in the website.

Research suggests that 90% of customers would like to have their queries attended right away.

The AI powered chatbot solution not only empowers the service agents of CLOUDX but also reduces wait times by collecting and qualifying customer information upfront for a quick and seamless hand off.

Step 3: A Customer Portal For Self Servicing

39% of millennials check a company’s FAQ first when they have a question, showing a clear preference for finding answers on their own.

A customer portal opens a whole new dimension of customer loyalty and retention. It enables people like Joe to get some quick help for questions like ‘ How should I be able to activate the video conversion feature?’

The biggest benefit is of course reduction in customer service cost, as customers self help themselves using prebuilt knowledge hubs, subsequently allowing SaaS businesses to use their cost savings more towards sales and marketing.

Image Credits:

Also the portal helps boost more website traffic for CLOUDX. Their customers slowly turn into bloggers, forum content creators, crafting help articles contributing to the development of the community as a whole.

Step 4: Instant Email With Case Details

Remember, the email of Joe that went unattended from CLOUDX in the right time!

The good thing about Salesforce service cloud is that customers get an email with the case details right after their email.

A huge benefit of email to case automation is that customer service agents are in a position to respond more swiftly. With this level of automation, cases are updated almost instantaneously rather than having to wait for any manual input.

For CLOUDX, we also built in some intelligent automation, that studied the customer email subject and suggested some help articles right in a follow-up email as well.

A good point to mention here is that salesforce1 mobile app allows customer agents to instantly respond to emails and cases on the go.

Step 5: Intelligent Routing of Cases To The Right Service Agent

We brainstormed around the category of the issues that could possibly arise for CLOUDX. Wiring it up with a custom automation, we created a process which assigned the cases to the right service agent, also based on the timezone availability. This not only reduces the response times, but also the quality of support.

Making use of Einstein Case Routing and Einstein Reply allowed the creation of a wonderful customer experience for CLOUDX.

Step 6: Capturing Joe’s Honest Feedback

Consider, Joe has been served with a solution that worked out for him and within 30 mins. Thanks to the quick action from salesforce service agent Tim.

Right now, Joe is happy and it is very essential to capture the feedback from Joe. A design of the feedback capture mechanism was done using email automation.

In technical words, whenever a case moved to solved, the idea was to shoot out a survey email using native salesforce email features.

We designed a nice survey template inside Salesforce to capture the feedback from the customer. We also made use of the customer portal to design the landing page for the same.

Case-closed surveys also help in measuring key metrics, like CSAT, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Effort, across any Service Cloud channel.

Here is an interesting video from Salesforce which explains the importance of case closed surveys..

Step 8: Saving The Resolution in a KEDB Learning System

KEDB stands for Known Error Database System. And that interesting customization improved customer experience ten fold for CLOUDX. Resolutions provided for various cases might be different, but making the system learn the various probable causes and their provided solutions could go a long way in building better automations. And that’s exactly what we did using custom objects and knowledge articles and email messaging service customization.

If you still remember, CLOUDX had around 25 people facing the same issue at almost the same time.

The above automation reduces time to action significantly, because once the resolution has been reached for Joe, the system turns smart enough to guide the others.

Step 9: Making Joe Happier with the Win-Win Automation

Customer Success is all about making the customer as successful as possible, in a goal to improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Hence we applied Joe with a campaign that gives him a 10% discount when he buys any next add-ons from CLOUDX, by making use of the campaign capabilities in Salesforce.

Such automations are strategic during the initial growth period of any SaaS business, because it makes the customer feel special and down the line it’s a win-win scenario for both ends.

Image Credits: PayProGlobal

(In the above post, the real customer name and line of business has not been used for obvious reasons. But the solution and consulting turned out to be a use case for us.)

And here’s what happened when we put everything together.

There were more smiles to customers like Joe and CLOUDX got more positive reviews, cost savings and eventually more sales as well!

A Happy Joe. Credits: Joe Rogan 🙂

In today’s perspective, when the whole world is facing a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for online customer success holds more importance than ever!

We at AdvanceB2B believe that every business is unique in terms of their audience, unique selling points, bigger vision and several other parameters. Not necessarily the same as CLOUDX, but we could definitely design a customer success implementation for your business too. If you want to know how, why don’t we start a chat. Either you get some interesting way to apply Salesforce for your SaaS, or I get to know more about you and your business.

Nothing stops you from blocking my calendar!

To continue reading about the next key pointer that helps overcome SaaS businesses from some of the most crucial pitfalls, you would need to hop on to my next blog post.

(Roy is a 7X certified Salesforce Application Architect and an experienced consultant for AdvanceB2B.)

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