Here Are 10 SaaS Email Marketing Automation Tactics That You Should Definitely Catch Up To :

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When it comes to email marketing automation, it is a humongous field where imagination’s the limit. Back when email was first introduced, business owners suddenly started sending their product descriptions to various customers.

This was how the concept of email marketing was born. Out of the many possible outcomes of such activities was born the concept of email marketing automation

With many businesses shifting and concentrating on email marketing, it has become imperative now for businesses to focus on their email marketing tactics in order to successfully implement this technique.


email marketing automation

source: salesforce

 “Marketing Automation replaces separate systems for email, web visitor tracking, lead scoring, nurture campaigns, campaign management, and reporting with one solution that streamlines marketing processes and shares data with sales.” 

– David Raab, Raab Guide.

So, in this article, we will be sharing with you some of our secret recipes for increased customer engagement on the promotional emails you send to them.


The Best Ways For Achieving Great Engagement In Email Marketing Automation:


  • The Needs Of Your Customers Is The Main Focus Of Email Marketing Automation:


What the customer wants, what he expects from your services, are other relative information are quite important for you to know. 

Also, you have to sell your strong points and area of expertise to all your users so that you cannot let them down. This is one of the most basic needs in order to build an email marketing automation platform and without it, your strategy will fail.


  • The Engagement That Your Content Brings And Stats Of The Analytic Tools Of Your Website:


The kind of content that brings the most crowd forward is what you have to look for. Along with that, the website analytic tools can provide you with a lot of data which can help you in the longer run.

The thing is that when you understand the kind of content along with messaging the consumer likes is when you will be easily able to sell yourself. 

But, this has to evolve over time as one won’t be able to consume the same content and neither will you be able to sell it for a long time. So, evolution is also a necessity in this case.


  • Customer Journey Map Is A Necessity If You Don’t Want To Left Out :


A deep and detailed analysis of the website analytics tools will help you build a comprehensive customer journey map which will help you understand the flow of the engagement along with the kind of content that is attracting the most consumers.

These are very helpful in the Facebook/Instagram signup. The customer journey maps have “events” that depict various stages of a consumer and your product or email marketing setup.


  • The Email Automation Tool That You Use In Order To Implement Your Strategy :


Another important thing that is nearly impossible to get off this list. This is because it is very important to know what integrations and what features does your email marketing automation tool provides

This is where you should focus the most in fields like :

  1. The price that you pay in order to get the services of the tool is very important 

  2. If the price of the tool is not worth it, then you shouldn’t even consider it

  3. The effectiveness of the tool is also an important aspect of it. If you can easily implement your analysis of customers using it then, it’s fine.

  4. Also, are templates included in the tool so as to make the automation fancier and user-friendly and hence, increase the overall response rate.


  • Email Automation Tool And CRM :


Another important thing to consider is if the email automation tool you use can easily get integrated into your CRM or not. 

This is quite necessary and a great advantage. Integration of your email automation tool with your CRM will help you make better decisions and grow in all directions.

source: Content marketing institute


The thing is that the better the compatibility between the two, the more efficient your result. It is quite great to implement this step.

  1. The customer profiles you see will be more detailed

  2. The growth analysis will be easier

  3. Showing ads at the right stage and promoting your content will be easier

  4. Personalization can be implemented at a certain level.


  • Will The Implementation Of The Tool Be Worth The Cost?


If the email automation tool is too costly to use and drains your treasury, it is not useful. It is imperative that the tool is easy to include and in the end increases your revenue.

This is what business is all about. The money you are able to make should be high so that one is able to invest in the tool without having to worry about the cost.


  • Segmentation Of Lists :


The segments of lists that are contained in the email automation should necessarily align with the customer journey mapping that you have build up. 

This is what will ensure that you are able to connect with the customer at the right moment and also, that your product will get the right kind of attention.

Also, such lists should be cleaned so as to remove inactive subscribers and hence, increase your engagement rate.


  • The Subject Lines Should Be Personalized and Catchy : 


The customer will take a look at your email only if the content is strong and the subject is engaging. The subject lines should be able to increase open rates.

A preview should be added and also, the addition of personalization inclusion is needed. Personalization is what gathers engagement and overall increases the chances of stability in the growth.


  • The Email Automation Should Be Heavily Optimised For Mobile :


The tools one is using should be quite enough for engaging mobile users. This is because most of the users will also be stuck to their smartphones. 

It is necessary that your tool is able to efficiently convey reliable information without much error.

With over 800 million individuals using social media for work today, social media marketing courses are now respected more than ever. Hence, mobile viewing is of course an important task.


  • Use Of Images Is Also Necessary :

How Email Marketing Automation Can Help Small Businesses

Source: GetResponse


Images are able to gather more engagement than most of the forms of text. This is why images need to be there in the content that is pushed forward by your platform. 

The images need to be catchy and personalized too. They need to be relatable and ensure the users some level of contentment with your product. This is how your platform will grow gradually.


So, The Fact Is :

These were 10 of the most reliable email marketing automation concepts that you have to keep in mind so that your product is able to gather the attention of as many people as possible.

email marketing automation

source: engagebay

It is not easy but, it’s surely not that of a Herculean task. The growth and the platform analysis along with personalization of the content is a major reason how many big organizations have grown.

We, at assure you that with these points implemented in your platform, your consumer-based will gradually grow to great heights. It is however not very efficient if you see through the eyes of suspicion. In order to learn more about such marketing strategies and improve your engagement, you need to have great tricks up your sleeves.

So, JOIN US in order to create the best of products and improve the way any customer sees your product. Also, we promise to be a spam-free friend. Consider all your doubts cleared.

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