Emergence Of Remote Marketing Due To Covid-19

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Everyone has seen that people have been working from their workplace which they term as an ‘office’ and Covid-19 revolutionized this word.

The ‘office’ is a fancy place where people work for a few dedicated hours and then, they earn their salary at the end of the end.

It is the same place where the organization does all its accounting and also, develops various strategies, and keeps track of various day-to-day activities.

It is where the company officials have their meetings and implement their strategies. 

But, when the Covid-19 outbreak started causing destruction on a large scale, the government of each nation introduced lockdown in their jurisdictions.

But, it was this lockdown that showed the world that most of the business could be implemented without the use of offices. 

This is because there were quite effective applications like Zoom and Google Meet that helped in organizing various kinds of meetings and even got most of the work done with quite ease.

Thus, at the end of the day, there were many big companies that opted for the Work From Home strategy for their employees. 

Apart from these apps, there were countless other apps that helped various organizations and businesses notice the fact that their operations could be carried out without the help of any kind of office. 


Covid-19 and WFH


The presence of performance monitoring apps and tools to monitor time-on-keyboard are some of the very effective apps that came out after the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The Impact Of Covid-19 And The Future Of Offices:


While it is a fact that the work from home environment is definitely quite comfortable and Covid-19 risk-free along with the fact that there is no interruption in the personal space of the employee

But, there are some limitations that many company officials have to think about. 

So, if we talk about various effects of Covid-19 on various kinds of business, the major kind of difference came with the reduction in the use of office spaces. 

Talking about employees, a study that was conducted by Robert Walters in Thailand, revealed that 75% of people want to keep working from home while the rest 25 percent wanted to work from offices. 

This is definitely telling something about the use of offices for the conduction of day-to-day tasks in an organization.

But, there are also many things that we have to think about before we come to conclusions. 

Although, it can be seen that the world is slowly turning towards to concept of Work From Home and that the employees are happy too but, there are certain things that cannot be implemented online. 


“Starting with trust and giving employees great autonomy and flexibility allows people to feel independent and empowered while still feeling like a part of something bigger. This leads to happy, loyal employees with a rich quality of life, which in turn leads to an amazing culture.”

Larry English.


The problem with the Work From Home method is that most of the time, the meetings are held clumsily and there is no proper implementation of such meetings.

This is the reason many meetings have been held in offices and this increases the risk of Covid-19. 

When it comes to less tech-savvy firms, there is a chance that most of these firms have to ask their employees to come to work in the offices as their knowledge is limited. 


Covid-19 and WFH


There are significant activities that have been going on all around the world due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s have a look at them :


  • When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, it was better for countries to put a stop to their supply chains from other countries. One such example is China, which shut down many factories that relied on goods from outside China. Thus, many vital goods that China needed for the manufacturing of certain products and vice versa were put to a halt.

  • Well, initially, China suffered a great push-back from all over the world and it was deemed to be blacklisted from trading connections. But, it is a fact now that the whole world is now involved with China to such a high degree that it was impossible to break this trading bond between China and other countries. 

  • Now, employees generally like to Work From Home where they have flexible hours but, this model is not suitable for all businesses. But, it does work on many businesses. 

  • Then comes the growth of teleconferencing giant company Zoom and other similar companies that developed tech suited for Work From Home environment. The price of Zoom’s shares went from $88 to $568 and then, dropped to $337 by the end of the year

  • Also, another sector that grew much in this lockdown period was the delivery service. The popular delivery services like Food Panda, Swiggy, Zomato, We Serve, and many more grew much more in this year than before. No one got off their house and everyone was limited to their homes. Then, these were the delivery people responsible for delivering things to their owners. 

  • Then comes the growth of the ‘stay-at-home’ culture. The stay-at-home culture is responsible for the popularity of various kinds of applications like Netflix and other OTT platforms. The ‘stay home and eat’, ‘stay home and chill’, ‘stay home and shop’, and other such concepts have become more famous now. People have traveled a lot from ‘stay home and stay safe.’ 

  • Several other changes have been brought in the world of marketing too. When it comes to marketing, automation is one of the biggest concepts that have generated many followers. Then comes the growth of CRMs like amoCRM and chatbots like Salesbot. These services provide great support to many organizations from the inside.

Lean The Experts Opinions At Marketerneeds :


When it comes to expert advice by our expert advisers at Marketerneeds.com, they say that the greatest thing to watch will be when the world recovers from the tyranny of Covid-19.

It could be that there are many things that won’t stay the same anymore. 

Also, many businesses have taken note of the pressure on their treasury and the cost of renting out office spaces.

This means that many businesses are considering the concept of renting or building office spaces and would like to take note of this expenditure. 

But, there are some companies that do not have the capability or knowledge to turn into a Work From Home environment or their work demands some space. 

Well, for now, we can say that the transition from the office-based environment to Work From Home environment will be one of the biggest trends in the year 2021 too.

But, it is something that is happening and it cannot be controlled by any kind of hurdle. 


This is the future. JOIN US and know more about the future of marketing in the future and improve your business too. We promise to be a spam-free friend and also, will help you improve your tactics and develop more and more traction towards your product. Rest assured, Marketerneeds.com experts have been involved for too long in the world of marketing and they know all the tactics required for setting up a successful business.

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