A Great Example of Marketing Using CRM: How An eBook By Jacqueline Philips made 5K Downloads

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Jacqueline Philips is the Head of Global Marketing at amoCRM. Recently, she discovered a new method to make marketing automation more successful using Salesbot.

Jacqueline Philips is one of those who know the future when they see it. The thing is that the ebook on Marketing she wrote, wasn’t meant for selling.

While there have been experts doing their researches and what-not, she just went ahead and experimented with something that bore more fruits than expected. 

Jacqueline Philips in that book described how people all over the world have been discarding the use of phones and mail at a quicker pace in recent times. 

This is what most of the organizations who are not satisfied with their output are being able to see. Moreover, the entire world is now changing and for the better.

The new concept of this change revolves all around the various messaging apps that are present in the current social system. 

In the current world, people are shifting towards the use of these social messaging apps for the conduction of businesses and also, for the proper and efficient implementation of technology.

This is what was described by Jacqueline Philips in her book, ‘Delivered’, and below we will discover the entire journey that led to 5K downloads.

Jacqueline Philips

The Journey Behind Jacqueline Philips’s ‘Delivered’ Marketing Tactics :


At first, Jacqueline Philips noticed that slowly the entire world was shifting towards the usage of chat for most of the tasks but, sales were left out from this step.

It would indeed be a big thing if chat-based sales make it in the big world out there but, the question was ‘How?’

If we look deeper into this concept, the goal of this book was to prove to the entire world how to use CRM and automation software and the fact that people are generally interested in communication-based channels for buying and selling. 

Now that Jacqueline Phillips had the idea that messenger-based selling will favor the entire world, the sellers as well as the customers, she wanted to test this theory.

The testing of this theory involved many practical challenges and this is how she describes her journey :


“We wanted to provide readers with an experience of making a transaction over chat. In this case, getting the book on your favorite messenger.” 

She further explains, 

“We couldn’t just say ‘oh, in theory, messengers are good for business’ and recommend it to people. We needed to see it for ourselves. So, we connected all messengers in our own CRM, built a landing page that had messengers, and gave visitors, the access to chat with us. We also built the automation and saw for ourselves how amoCRM’s pipeline can actually work with messengers.”


The biggest challenge that Jacqueline Philips faced during creating and publishing her book was when she tried to automate the entire process.

The goal was to create a super fun and easy way for users to get the book and not sell it. Selling was never part of the plan.

The book is free and the entire point was to prove that her theory works. This is where the role of Salesbot comes in. 

The usage of Salesbot changed the entire landscape of the process and hence, Jacquline Philips proved her point. 



Salesbot and Marketing Automation Process Used By Jacqueline Philips :


Jacqueline Philips joined this venture and now, she can say she has been successful in her attempts. 

According to her, Salesbot helped her to track where the book was being downloaded the most and by which age group. 

She was able to keep track of all the statistics related to the sale of her book. 

Salesbot is amoCRM’s Chatbot which has proved to be quite unique and effective in its working and is different in many ways. 

Here are the stages in the entire tactic used by amoCRM :


  • The Incoming Leads :


This is where the chatbot, Salesbot, interacts with a visitor, and the first contact is made. It is quite important to implement this step with great beauty.

When the reader viewed the advertisement and ended up on the landing page, the Salesbot should be present with a tactical advantage to gather the attention of the visitor.  


  • Download :


The Salesbot by amoCRM then sent a link for the download page of the book so that the visitor can download the book without any issue since it’s free. 

The conversation held between Salesbot and the visitor is very crucial, and it needs to be creative and colorful, attracting the attention of customers.

After the link is received, the next stage occurs.


  • Sharing And Reviewing The Book :


The sharing of the book is done by using automation technology as the person who has finished reading the book receives a thank you note and asked to share the book on social media.

The book is then reviewed and hence, the reviews are published so that people are more attracted. 

This is where Jacqueline Philips made her mark as the visitors what she had said in the entire book and how she pointed out her details. 


  • Questions :


The readers of the book are encouraged to ask questions about the book if there are any. Any kind of questions can be asked.

This step would bring the readers closer to the author and hence, develop a feeling of recognition in the minds of the readers.

This is also a very crucial step in increasing the sales of the book. 


  • Joining The Community Page Of The Book :


Another great step is when the readers are asked to give their input or share what they have learned on Facebook or other social media pages by joining them.

This is how the users can join the community page without feeling any pressure and hence, Jacqueline Philips perfected this concept. 


  • Ask For Help :


At last, if the customers need any kind of assistance, then it is a must that the author solves it. This could be any kind of doubt but, what about the case when Salesbot needs help?

While there can be moments when the automated chatbot can run into some kind of error or confusion, this is where the team members are notified. 

The team members can rush in and take the wheel from there-on. This is a good method and hence, can save a lot of blunders on the part of the chatbot. 


The Results At Marketerneeds Confirm The Whole Study :


The experts on our team have confirmed this method used by Jacqueline Philips to be very effective and hence, can be used in any case involving sales. 

The whole sales figure of ‘Delivered’ by Jacqueline Philips include :

  • Facebook Messenger: 2600

  • Telegram: 428

  • Viber: 70

  • Skype: 4

Downloads by Jacqueline Philips


Hence, more than half of the entire sale was done over messaging-based apps and hence, was easily implemented. 


The experts at Marketerneeds.com have confirmed amoCRM’s Salesbot as one of the best implementations of marketing automation available in today’s world. While there are many things that are to be considered along with the chatbot, it certainly plays its part. For more marketing-related pieces of advice, you can consult our services and JOIN US in order to effectively automate your marketing.

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