5 Top Reasons To Go For Marketing Automation Software Instead Of Other Fancy Software


Marketing automation … automating your marketing tasks and processes… agency work automation – call it all sorts of names! Marketing automation is a game-changer in today’s agency life.

Agency life is quite demanding – too much, too little work, too tight, too loose ends – there are moments for whiskey and naps and there are moments for tight butts on the desks. While you can say there is never a tick of silence, and never a dull moment, life is generally overwhelming for marketers. Each day, a quick check of the email can demonstrate the kind of workload ahead of the team, and for some Mondays, the inbox can feel like a subway train – completely packed with pretty dangerous workloads even for the fast-movers. You really have to hurry up; otherwise, time may be out of your side. Amidst such a busy agency life, there are activities, processes, workflows, and tasks, which if automated, could ease out your time and moments so that you have fresher minds handling the core projects. Marketing automation is redefining the moments in agency life – it is easing out things at a time when many marketers seem to curse their mornings.

While many companies may be using some form of marketing automation tool, there is much left to be desired. A 2019 State of Marketing Automation Survey report indicates that 75 percent of all companies are using at least one type of marketing automation tool, according to Social Media Today.  This is an indication that automation tools are gaining popularity among brands and marketers. 

Statistics from Invespcro show that most of the marketers plan to put in much of their marketing budgets on automation.

Source: Invespcro

These statistics are an indication that something is going on in the world of marketing automation. Brands and marketers are finding opportunities with the use of automation tools and many are planning to allocate more funds to marketing automation to reap the benefits they have been missing over the years.

So, what are the top reasons why brands and marketing agencies should be using marketing automation software rather than other fancy software?

  1. Every Brand and Marketer will just have to Automate

Let’s face it, is there any business you think doesn’t want to automate? At least, some level of automation is seen in every business – from the simplest form like generating your sales report to complex ones that feature multitude of features like sales growth, traffic segmentation, customer expectations, and marketing strategies.

It’s time that agencies found and discovered the importance of automating their processes and tasks. Agency life is quite overwhelming, and without seeking opportunities to automate some of the processes, things can be chaotic.

The AdAge Agency Report 2018 showed that U.S. agency growth was at some slowest point – a level it has remained since 2010, except for those providing digital marketing services. These grew sevenfold in their revenue.

Besides, spending on marketing automation is expected to grow 14 percent every year for the next five years, according to Forrester. The research firm predicts that the spending for automation tools is going to grow strongly over the years topping $25.1 billion every year by 2023 from just 11.4 billion in 2016. This again indicates that there is a growing need for brands and marketers to use marketing automation tools.

Many businesses need automation to create new revenue streams, pull in more clients, and get better returns on investment (ROI) while offering the services that their clients want. When you look at all these goals, it feels complex and highly demanding for the traditional agency environment or the marketing departments of organizations.

Marketers and brands need to move past their comfort zone to take advantage of tools that help achieve their marketing goals.

  • Build relationships With Clients

Businesses and marketing agencies are constantly seeking ways to build and cement their relationships with clients. It takes years to build a business relationship – but it can take a minute to tumble it down. You don’t want to toss away all that effort you have done to build relationships with your clients – they are your most important people. The customer is the king, and it just remains like that. 

Automation allows you to better understand your prospects and see how you can convert them to leads and turn them to customers. Customers want to have a great experience – they do not want to experience delays with their marketing projects. They want to see results with their digital marketing campaigns. If you aren’t doing your best to pace up with these demands and expectations, you could soon part with your long-standing clients.

You can build and solidify your relationship with your clients as an agency or brand by seeking better solutions from marketing automation tools.

Marketing automation software allows you to have ongoing builds of your customers’ campaign assets, analysis, metrics, and optimization. When your clients begin to see better results in their marketing campaigns, they have confidence with you and you begin to grow your relationship.

According to Marketo Engage by Adobe, 76 percent of businesses that utilize marketing automation tools tend to generate an ROI within the first year. Again, about 44 percent of those companies see an ROI within just six months.

  • Increased revenue for Agencies

While agencies may consider using automation tools to meet the demands and expectations of their clients, on the flip side, these tools help build recurring revenue. It helps increase the revenue of the agencies. Think of it this way – you automate a majority of processes – you have more time to brainstorm and work on challenging marketing projects. This way, you are likely to achieve better results when you focus on the projects than wasting time on tasks and processes that you could easily automate.

Marketing automation is becoming a necessity for most clients, but these clients struggle with automation technology. They would want an expert who understands automation to take care of the task. So, they will hire you to take forward their marketing automation process thus offering you another sale. It’s a sale for you because you have a new coming in to boost your revenue.

Again, since clients of agencies don’t know how they can personalize or tailored their automation tools to suit their specific marketing needs, an agency comes in handy to take care of that task.

Don’t shy off – you too want to grow your revenue basket, and seeking marketing automation for your clients is a great way to put more in your basket. It doesn’t hurt – who doesn’t want to make more cash, anyway.

Just as a marketing agency would use marketing automation software, it can also use it on behalf of its clients where it automates the processes and marketing tasks of its customers. 

According to Invespcro 92 percent of marketing automation users said the main reason would use the tools is to help improve their qualified lead pipeline. About 81 percent said that they used the tools to retain customers, while 66 percent of the users said they used marketing automation software to improve their lead nurturing process.

Source: Invespcro

  • Let businesses see Prove of dollar-Value

If you are a marketing agency, you most likely encounter clients that want to see where their dollar has gone to. They want to see the work you did – sometimes, it may it difficult to explain to the clients what you as an agency have been doing. Putting things in order and presenting them from reports you create with automation tools make sense.

It captures the broader picture of things clearly and concisely. This way, you can take them through the dollar-value in their inquisition process.

Utilizing marketing automation tools allows you to show your clients measurable results. They can see from the graphs and other tabulations the work you have done and what you have achieved. You don’t feel like being cornered to explain your results- you got them clear with pictorial, graphical, and imagery presentation. From lead prospects to lead conversations, to sales to revenues, you go your work covered. The backbone for marketing automation is data – it provides the figures you need to allow your clients to understand what they need to improve and that doesn’t work for them.

  • Improve Productivity and enhance Workflow

Businesses and marketers use marketing automation tools to simplify routine tasks. It helps eliminate repetitive tasks, some of which can take a lot of your productive time. The tools provide automated solutions to substitute manual processes. A study by Nucleus Research found out that automation is able to boost productivity by almost 20 percent on average.

Again, Lenskold Group says that 80 percent of marketers give credit to automation as among the biggest things leading to their success. Automating your marketing process enhances workflow. While a marketing campaign requires assets like calls-to-action (CTAs), forms, conversion pages, and other elements, it is the workflow automation that will tie or intertwine all these assets together. Automation systemizes processes, activities, tasks, documentation, and allows for a seamless, smooth marketing workflow.


Automating marketing processes and tasks comes with many benefits to agencies and brands. If you are a marketing agency and want to deliver better results for your clients, you must automate your workflows. You may also want to automate the marketing process of your clients because they may not understand how the automation tools work best for their marketing goals. Whether it’s lead generation, revenue generation, the conversation of leads, increasing customer engagement, or improving campaign measurability, marketing automation is a must-do thing for your brand or marketing agency.  


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