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Lets be honest. There are tons of ebooks and rehashed crap in the world of digital marketing. Why would you need to put in your email to get another report? In a nutshell – we are talking with examples and case studies which small businesses like yours could implement right NOW. Exact strategies, tools, case studies and coupon codes that would otherwise mean approximately 160 hours of your time if you had to research it all yourself. We are giving this away to start a new relationship with you – something very valuable and worth pusuing. Would you like to be our friend?

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Implementation Of Marketing Automation and Viable Changes Via WhatsApp:

WhatsApp has a very rich history and now, it is making history with the inclusion of marketing automation in its platform. It was started way back in the year 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp originally was just made for private communications between people, ie, you can chat with a person or a group of persons without having to

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Google’s Web Stories: The Genius Way To Put Your Product On The Top

Instagram and Facebook ‘stories’ technology is quite engaging, isn’t it? The thing is that they contain easy to adapt and grasp data which is in the form of sound text videos or even images. But, here’s more about the new Google’s Web Stories. This is where Google’s AMP technology comes in. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of

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Just Started A New Website? Knot The Connecting Dots With or Without The Bots!


Here Are 10 SaaS Email Marketing Automation Tactics That You Should Definitely Catch Up To :

When it comes to email marketing automation, it is a humongous field where imagination’s the limit. Back when email was first introduced, business owners suddenly started sending their product descriptions to various customers. This was how the concept of email marketing was born. Out of the many possible outcomes of such activities was born the concept of email marketing automation. 

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Top 4 SaaS Startups Of India

India has been growing in ways that had never been imagined. There are many economical developments that keep taking place in the country and in this article, we will be talking about a few of the top startups in India which had a great impact on the country.   “India will grow to be a $10B revenue industry by 2025

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Customer Experience Improvement With The Help Of Reliable Technologies 

Customer Experience or CX is one of the many innovative concepts in the field of marketing and sales. The thing is that any organization wants to have as many paying customers as possible.  But, the thing is that many forget that the feedback of the customer is as important as the task of bringing in the customers. This concept when

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Building An Effective Facebook Landing Page For Your Product

Facebook is an efficient social media marketing tool and now, you can sell your product from the Facebook app itself. This is a great way for selling your product and increasing its visibility.  With the emergence of social media as one of the great tools in the field of sales and marketing. But, it comes to selling products on Facebook

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